Adventures in post-college life

The ABC’s of Autocomplete (Canadian Edition)

Google’s auto-complete has spawned lots of fun little experiments, fails, and general internet amusements. I figured I’d try my own little experiment: I opened up a Chrome Private Browsing window (so that none of my settings would be used), navigated to, and went through each letter of the alphabet to see what the first result would be.

Google Autocomplete
  • air canada
  • best buy
  • canada 411
  • dictionary
  • ebay
  • facebook
  • gmail
  • hotmail
  • ikea
  • jean coutu
  • kijiji
  • lespac
  • msn
  • nhl
  • occupation double
  • pirate bay
  • quotes
  • rds
  • stm
  • translator
  • utube
  • videotron
  • wikipedia
  • xe
  • youtube
  • zellers

Even though I was logged out Google does a certain amount of pruning based on IP-Address Geolocation, so your results may vary. These results are clearly more Québécois than what the average Canadian Google-user might uncover.

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